Valentine’s Boudoir Roundup

I am not sure but this post get’s a lot of hits, so I am updating it.

Valentine’s is a funny holiday to me, it’s cold here in Canada, we are poor after the holidays and if you want to go out on that day there is a lineup and “special” set menus.  I like to celebrate it with Netflix and chill and maybe some nice wine. But I also like that this holiday is an excuse to get naked!

It’s the perfect excuse for those that have been meaning to do a shoot but haven’t dared. I like that. And it celebrates love! Even my jaded self can admire that.

Planning your Valentines Shoot

  • Start early, and by early I mean we have to do this in January sadly. By the time February rolls around there is hardly any time for me to print a book and do all the things! Usually, it is at least 10 days before, and that is cutting it close. 
  • Take advantage of all the January sales of lingerie! Avoid the valentine stuff because that will be regular price, but the red Christmas stuff? bring it! as long as there is no Santa thing you are good.
  • Cold weather is also a good excuse to get a spray tan, go with Jen at – more tips here
  • Get naked!
And some of my old images circa 2012 for #tbt purposes 🙂