Tips on what to wear to your Maternity shoot – Boudoir style

Maternity shoots… like boudoir shoots from a while back, before they got all maxim and cool, there is a fine line between cheesy and cool. VERY fine.  I think it all started with the Demi Moore image in the 90’s. And then Christina Aguilera’s came along…

 I like the poses and the heels actually suit her. I like the fact that she is smiling, not looking at the camera with the come and do me face- she is just having fun. The belly here is kinda small like a 7 months so keep that in mind. And the ones with her son are super cute and clean. Nobody is naked, but she just has great make up on.

I bought the domain a while back, thinking hmm, it will eventually be ok to rock the belly with some push up bras and some sexy poses, but it turns out, it hasn’t happened that way. It seemed a bit contrived. And who am I kidding, the last thing you feel at 8 months is sexy. You just want to capture your body, in the nicest way possible, while you have an alien like creature in there, or like I was supposed to say it: “while it is creating the miracle of life…”

Anyway, what I am blabbing about is that my whole intention of the maternity boudoir has shifted from capturing sexy belly, to capturing a shot where you feel great. And that you can show your parents. We still do some tasteful nudes anyway, that if you want to show them go ahead, I do not judge.

So here are the tips on what to wear to your Maternity shoot:

  • “Bandeaus” bras (I had to google that) those tube bras that cover your boobs with no straps. White, black or simple colour.
  • Skirt – flowy, comfortable. Even kinda of those peasant ones. Or even denim 
  • Black simple dress- or any colour as long as it doesn’t have prints (I am anti-print)
  • Big dress shirt. This one for some reason works without being too cheesy. Your hubby’s works. 
  • Coordinate a bit your other half’s outfit. Try not to be matchy – matchy but at least do not clash. Showcase what you would normally wear.
  • Baby items: toy, shoes or a special blanket.
  • Wraps or fabric. Not really needed but if you have one you really like.
  • Comfy sweater – nice if its cold out, it is a bit body hugging or if its open with buttons, or shows your shoulder.
The goal is to showcase the belly so wear stuff that makes you feel confortable and not too tight.
taken at my place
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The comments are super funny. I like her. Even read the “10 things they do not tell you” about pregnancy- I had flashbacks and flinching moments while laughing.
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I did include a combo package, where you can have a shoot after baby and you are sick of feeling tired and like a milk machine, and you just want a bit of your femininity pre-baby back. Because you are going to have TONS of pics of the baby anyway, take some of the you with the baby too if you want where you look great. Like Christina up there… just saying. 
I will scout for my pregnant picture I have from my glamour shot days… let me find it. It wasn’t that awkward but the backdrop is a horrible drappey-gray.