Tips for anniversary photos

I had the pleasure to shoot this great couple, Caroline and Pat, thanks to a gift certificate from a client that had no idea what to get them as their 25th wedding anniversary. She emailed and ask; “do you do family portraits?” Why yes, yes I do.

It’s funny in my business how it works.

Anyway, they drove in from Kitchener – hoping not to run over a marathoner (runners!) and avoiding traffic. It worked great to do at 3 pm. Fall light is very flattering.

I shared my tips with them for couples shoots, but they had a couple of great tips of their own!

First, the last time they had professional shots done of just the two of them, was their wedding, so they did their homework.

They chose the colour that they used for their wedding, purple to tie in their wedding with their anniversary. How clever is that! And the purple just popped against the orange of fall.  I could not have styled it better myself.
And they chose it as an accent, in her jacket and his shirt, that way they look coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

This was genius. They looked at pictures that they have taken over the years and brought them with them. Pictures they both liked how they looked so they knew exactly what to do. It made my job way easier.
The session went like: now let’s do the one where you are holding him from behind, and Caroline knew exactly what to do, and it looked great.

They had one where they were looking over their sunglasses and were caught in a very candid moment when they were hanging out at the cottage.
We recreated that 25 years later with sunglasses they were given as anniversary gifts!

Location: Woodbine Beach Park
For pictures of the location click here