Things I’ve learned from taking naked pictures

Ahem… I should say taking boudoir portraits. Much nicer.

– We all have insecurities. From nipple size and girth to a toe curvature and length. Many, many quirks I’ve seen.

– It is really hard to hold a sexy pout and not crack up.

– I have to say keep your shoulders back many times during a shoot. And it reminds me of my mom.

– Boobs come in the widest range of sizes, from “mosquito bite” to “bald baby head”

– One of the sexiest parts to photograph is the mouth. Second place is side-boob.

– Laughter relaxes. The jokes get dumber as the session goes on but they are still funny.

– I’m very comfortable saying show me your nipple.

And the most important thing is that I am very grateful for is trust. It takes a lot of courage to take your clothes of in front of a stranger. I promise I wont do anything to not deserve it. Even if I can’t post a lot of awesome work that I am very proud off, but would mean putting my clients boobs and faces all over the internet.