Boudoir as a Gift to Myself

A small intro here: this was written by an actual client! she explains better the reasons to do a boudoir session better than me 🙂
I needed to re-read this. So I am giving it the 2019 update. This post from 2011 is one of the reasons I love boudoir and what makes women feel. Feeling sexy instead of trying to be sexy by society standards.  Leigh was awesome to write this for me, and it was awesome to see her again in 2018 still a strong woman embracing her super feminine side.

Guest Post: A Gift to Myself at 75
by Leigh
The idea of doing a Boudoir photo session started off as a gift to my boyfriend for his birthday.  While it still is a sexy little gift for him, it turned into a bigger gift to myself.    I’ve even showed the pictures to a few girlfriends, and they’ve been inspired to do something similar.
At first, it felt a bit indulgent to want to do this. 
Then I thought – why? If I can’t feel good about my body and feel sexy when I’m happy, healthy and in a good place in my life – when will that ever happen?

I decided to get over the self-doubt, the judgment, forget about what anyone else would think, and just go for it.  So I booked my session with Marlen. 
I trusted Marlen, and because of her, I felt really comfortable doing something I don’t ordinarily do every Saturday.  
I wanted to see what it was like to FEEL genuinely sexy and sexual through my own eyes, instead of trying to BE sexy by someone else’s standards. 
 I wanted to get in touch with my incredibly feminine side.
I wanted to remember that being a girl is FUN
I wanted to know that feeling sexy doesn’t mean you have to compromise your dignity, your pro-womanhood, and it doesn’t have to be degrading to other women. 
And, I wanted some kick ass pictures to prove it!
Well, I got what I wanted.
I can’t tell you what an amazing experience it was.  Plus, I feel a little bad ass, I gotta say.  And it feels really, really, good.
I realized that not only was I doing this for my boyfriend who appreciates me no matter what I am or am not wearing, but that I was doing it for myself and that, even though I wore red lipstick for the first time, I don’t need lipstick to feel good about myself.   
When I’m 75, I’m going to look back on these photos and appreciate them.  This gift to myself at 75 is that I had the good sense to feel good about my body and get in touch with a whole new side of myself on my own terms, with Marlen’s help.
So I say life’s short.  Go for the red lipstick and just see what a different side of you can be like.

Celebrating boudoir in all shapes and sizes – with testimonials

Hi! I have seen this image floating around the Internet (pinterest really- good thing I don’t watch that much TV, it balances out) and I realized that I need to do a couple of things. One update my gallery with all my new work, and two start telling people ” What the hell are you waiting for?” to do your boudoir shoot that is.
I’ve met amazing women in my line of work and what struck out about a recent appointment was: “I don’t look like the models in the magazines and finally I have come to terms with it- and here I am!” 
I drank to that. 
Comes a time where you accept what you look like and you become comfortable in your own skin. Whenever it hits you – come get your photos done! 
Ange, posted some of her shots in her tumblr- loved it! Of course the skimpy ones where for her hubby. I love her sense of humour, I’ve been following her antics since. 
and I am happy that the boudoir is spreading!
Here is what a client said:

Thank you for Saturday – it was a lot of fun.  I left the shoot feeling very good about myself and very sexy.  Looking very forward to seeing the results.

and when she got them

Holy crap!!! You are a miracle worker!  These are awesome.

For those of you who might think- it’s all photoshop! No it’s not. It’s lighting (bright in photography does not equal as harsh), poses and the secret x factor where you are actually comfortable rolling around in you underwear. I think is my super power.

And this image- I stole from The Lingerie Addict – she encourages everybody to feel beautiful in lingerie- even has great tips in her blog. I specially enjoyed her rant about “when people complain about the images she post”

Like me! I am skinny and small boned but have my flabby areas that some days make me look pregnant. suuuuucks. If I gain weight it goes directly to my lack of waist – wish I could direct it to the boobs, or some down the skinny legs but nooooo, it get’s stuck with the rest of the tacos. 
Anyway- all this was to let you know that – no matter your size, boudoir is a great experience to have.

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