Reasons to get boudoir photography done

Pictures that is. Or portraits I should say. For those of you who need reasons. P.S. This is what I have seen so far and they are not in any preference and/or order. You are still perky. Yes, you are not 20 anymore but they are still up, shoot them now! It’s on your bucket […]

PIN Up Photography – special teaser session

Here are the some samples of this great event organized by Diva Girl Fitness! Laura came up with the idea of opening these shoots for everybody. They will be held once a month! There are limited spaces and the price is super ONLY $69!! – whaat!. The best part is that there is a coach […]

The gift certificate- tips on buying the right one

You get a personalized pdf with the package information so you just buy one of these and a set of lingerie and oh boy, its the gift that keeps on giving! just saying 🙂 TIPS You can always choose any package from my list or choose any amount towards a package But here is a […]

Model Boudoir

This is something to give yourself, or as a mothers day gift, an anniversary gift, an “I lost 10 pounds” gift, or the one that has special meaning to me is; “I am able to fit into my old pants” gift. I am offering a one of a kind package:Session with two looks (natural and […]