I think I might me a little bit of a perv. What I enjoy the most is capturing images as if I am not there. When people forget there is a camera even for a 1/60 of a second 😛

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Here is my updated, fancy schmancy little checklist. I get asked this one a lot, so I am breaking it down people. I know I say two outfits as a description of my session. I have yet to see the person who shows up with just two outfits*. I had one that brought a whole

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I was debating how to tittle this one: “naked belly”, “nude bump”, “bumpy boudoir”… anyway simple is sometimes better! I was really glad to book this session, not only because the couple is awesome, they are comfortable in their own skin and they bring out the funny in me. How we laughed. 20 percent of

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Yeah I’ve been MIA, but have no fear! despite being sleep deprived and edgy I will post! Here is another client at my place. Preserving her secret identity. I find interesting that to me an appointment is always like a blind date. I have no clue what the person who is coming looks like but

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So sometimes, I have images that I take all ready nice and cropped. Keeping the privacy for my client and showing a nipple. I rule!

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Go on- laugh a little. I know my expression is super dorky. I wasn’t going to post it, but I think it explains a bit of what goes on during the sessions. This session was really fun, it is like friends hanging out. After some wine and the biggest wardrobe of lingerie items I have

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This couple did some naked ones in homage to their idols.Sorry I am not posting their butts. Those are for the reception! Cool or what? Can’t wait for the wedding! And after they put on clothes and we walked to a park we took this one.

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and I will post more Glamour. Here is someone that read my about me and said “I always wanted to have my glamour shot taken, every time I passed it in the mall it looked like so much fun.”Well it was, I have to say. So she had her own feather boa and everything. And

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These are the things that even I do not see often, pasties. Wow do they make me giggle. Specially when this conversation is going on: “I got these but I think they are too big”“I do not think pasties come in different sizes, well can you make them spin?” And more stuff that cracked us

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People have asked me: how do you make somebody feel comfortable naked? First of all- I have to say that the secret is that I understand that is not easy to feel comfortable in front of somebody fully dressed clicking away.I know what it feels like! I’ve done it a couple of times myself, and

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