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And more couples…

I think I might me a little bit of a perv. What I enjoy the most is capturing images as if I am not there. When people forget there is a camera even for a 1/60 of a second 😛

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Maternity Boudoir

I was debating how to tittle this one: “naked belly”, “nude bump”, “bumpy boudoir”… anyway simple is sometimes better! I was really glad to book this session, not only because the couple is awesome, they are comfortable in their own skin and they bring out the funny in me. How […]

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Glossy lips

Yeah I’ve been MIA, but have no fear! despite being sleep deprived and edgy I will post! Here is another client at my place. Preserving her secret identity. I find interesting that to me an appointment is always like a blind date. I have no clue what the person who […]

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In my boudoir

Go on- laugh a little. I know my expression is super dorky. I wasn’t going to post it, but I think it explains a bit of what goes on during the sessions. This session was really fun, it is like friends hanging out. After some wine and the biggest wardrobe […]

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More couples- but dressed

This couple did some naked ones in homage to their idols.Sorry I am not posting their butts. Those are for the reception! Cool or what? Can’t wait for the wedding! And after they put on clothes and we walked to a park we took this one.

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Because I can

and I will post more Glamour. Here is someone that read my about me and said “I always wanted to have my glamour shot taken, every time I passed it in the mall it looked like so much fun.”Well it was, I have to say. So she had her own […]

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i heart pasties

These are the things that even I do not see often, pasties. Wow do they make me giggle. Specially when this conversation is going on: “I got these but I think they are too big”“I do not think pasties come in different sizes, well can you make them spin?” And […]

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The secret

People have asked me: how do you make somebody feel comfortable naked? First of all- I have to say that the secret is that I understand that is not easy to feel comfortable in front of somebody fully dressed clicking away.I know what it feels like! I’ve done it a […]

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