Where the magic happens… yes photographic magic. Anywho I needed to post an updated picture of my place and I took this picture before clients came in on the weekend and preserve the pristine appearance that usually lasts 5.2 minutes. 🙂 SO! I moved it to another apartment I share with a neighbour. It’s like […]

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Tips for your best boudoir portraits. – 1. Groom – this one is a given. But sometimes we forget to do nails and pedicure. Like my nails are just nubs. But red nubs are prettier than naked nubs. Your hands are an important part of the composition. Even those new kind of press on nails

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Indoor- well you can do whatever you want… but for engagement shoots, anniversary, or darn “we need good pics done to send to Grandma” here are some tips… STYLE 1- Color coordinate your outfits. Ok, for this one, don’t dress exactly the same. But keep in in the same family of colors. Blues, greys, blacks and

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Here is a sample of someone that pays attention to what I say! you know the tip where I say bring your hands behind your head like stretching, you might think you look like you are getting a whiff but it is actually truly sexy. And this lucky fiance/side boob lover is going to enjoy

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I have to give a big thank you to Rebecca Eckler for her super nice article of her adventure in Boudoir photography 🙂 Click here for the full article. She really captures what goes on in the session including the description of bursting into giggles when trying to make a sexy face – it is

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I think it says it all 🙂 And some more shoot samples… these images where to mark her very special birthday…. guess!

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Yes I have that song stuck to in my head! I can’t shake it! I have to say I enjoyed last weeks shoots and here is a sample of one with a poker theme. There is a fine line between cheesy and sexy and I think that we stayed on the sexy side 🙂 And

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And I will let these images speak for themselves… I’ve been saying all along, mouths are sexy. And can you believe she is 43 with 3(!) kids? This Diva is making her husband a very nice anniversary gift, I’m just saying. I have been slow to post lately, I am catching up with all my

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Ahem… I should say taking boudoir portraits. Much nicer. – We all have insecurities. From nipple size and girth to a toe curvature and length. Many, many quirks I’ve seen. – It is really hard to hold a sexy pout and not crack up. – I have to say keep your shoulders back many times

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