So! I don’t know why I didn’t write a blog post before about this, since I practically have written novels on how to choose your images on clients’ emails. I usually have 4 types of clients: A – the one who loves photos of herself  – knows angles and how to pose – I hardly […]

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So hi, about time I updated my website with more pin up stuff! So ta-da! : New packages for pin up shoots.  The main difference between boudoir and pinup is the amount of retouching. While the boudoir is more natural, sexy look, pinup is glossy and everything from skin to the hair is touched up.

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Oh, I had so much fun doing these. At first I found the images from this Victoria Secret model and thought to myself ” I should recreate these and not look so dorky”. Then I thought well that will be a lot of photoshopping of body, and I couldn’t help staring at that butt and

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and new haircut (no more cleopatra) and new pic and new website! did you see it? I caved in with the flash. I decided I am going to share more tips and blog more. Brace yourself. I heart my time lapse setting on my camera. Too much fun. And here its a time lapse on

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more reasons to do it: Wow, eh? I mean I would sell my soul to the devil to have her body at 50, but man! I have to say to, that the image on the left is what we photographers have to work with. we enhance, saturate and contrast the crap out of them to

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This is something to give yourself, or as a mothers day gift, an anniversary gift, an “I lost 10 pounds” gift, or the one that has special meaning to me is; “I am able to fit into my old pants” gift. I am offering a one of a kind package:Session with two looks (natural and

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Not too shabby!FYI for us girls, strechmarks? what strechmarks? nobody I know has them! As if you where really checking out for strechmarks! Nice underwear eh? and what a hard photo to watermark, I didn’t want to block anything 😛

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Not touching, re-touching. That’s extra.:)Here is a sample of my magic touch- I promised magazine quality retouching and here it is. So any of you out there worried about a scar or stretch marks or postbaby stuff, hey I soften it all! Heck, I have it all! I heart photoshop.

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My first actual live commenter- thanks Richard! I know my friends read this and some potential clients to see what the hell they are getting themselves into, but other photographers honor me. I while back I received an email from Julie, and now this commet. Make me feel appreciated 🙂 See Nicole? comment once in

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