So! you have been thinking about a boudoir shoot a lot lately? I even found out it’s on the to-do list for a bride to be on all those magazines and books to keep you organized. Oh the pressure. Well fret no more, this package is for the women that want a boudoir experience without the […]

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The benefit of taking a class like this, besides the obvious health one, is that you get over your feeling ridiculous prancing around really sexy. It is a bit liberating to be walking on your tippy-toes with your butt pushed out while playing with your hair. And the best thing is that you are not

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Well, I will like to thank the 5 ladies plus 2 gents that attended my first ever Boudoir Photography Marathon. Too much fun, too much Bianco and too many files I still have to go through and retouch. Yay. Im thinking on doing this 2 times a year at the most. Want to host a

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So before I leave to Mexico, here is my bachelorette I did on Friday. These is one of the occasions that be very glad that I do not post faces or video. Gosh what a riot. You can tell by my picture the three very different personalities. On the bottom part, they wanted boudoir together,

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