(AND google listing phonecalls) Thank you for your email on my contact form. Here I am getting all excited a client is trying to book an appointment and then I read that you found me on the back pages of google. Well you were not looking right. I show up on the right searches. My […]

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Is it just me or there is something in the water? Earlier this year I had more than a handful of clients come get their boudoir done with “now before I show” and “while boobs are great”, even returning boudoir clients getting their maternity boudoir shots… Well, here I am joining the baby boom.  To

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Work, sashay shante you better work – cover girl work it girl – give a twirl do your thing on the runway Yes, I have Rupaul stuck in my head. The things I do for you people.  So! I was brave enough to pose for some pin-up shots since I won’t use the ones of

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Someone told me 20 years ago that I would still like comics at ripe old age of 34, I said: you crazy. And then 10 years ago someone told me you are becoming addicted to the internet, I said: you crazy. I like my comics better. Four years ago, my bf told me about twitter

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I am not going anywhere… this is for March! because it has been the most difficult March ever- Adios papa, nos vemos luego. 1950-2010 My love of visual art and music videos -his fault. My mullet growing up, my love-hate relationship with Michael Jackson, my infatuation with Bruce Willis, all those action movies, my stubborn

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I have to vent this one is funny. I will catalog it under “relationship”: forever to be called as the fan incident. So summer finally arrived and in anticipation groomsoky had a mission: get a ceiling fan for the boudoir. How hard can it be right? I said please get something black. Those where my

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I’ve been busy, not with photography as I would love to be, but with the back end of my main method of spreading the word of marvelous me, my website. Or I shall say websites. Introducing Boudoir Wedding tada! And there is also the spanish site, long overdue. Since I am from Mexico, and do

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Freaking website menu was driving me nuts. But it is done! If there are some 404 errors don’t tell me… well maybe do tell me. So far I think I changed my website like 4 times. Now I like it! and a gratuitous cleavage shot, because I can

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I stumbled upon this site and I had to try it 🙂 There is a very sad music selection, I was about to choose twinkle, but decided no music would be better. I’m so hooked.

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My new year resolution was to keep up with the blog… I suck. Ok, I cant believe is already February and the last Valentine’s session is next week. Oh, and I hate snow. Anyway, here is a picture of, what else, a girl, a girl with cleavage. Not any girl, I took the same picture

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