I was debating how to tittle this one: “naked belly”, “nude bump”, “bumpy boudoir”… anyway simple is sometimes better! I was really glad to book this session, not only because the couple is awesome, they are comfortable in their own skin and they bring out the funny in me. How we laughed. 20 percent of […]

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So last weekend I didn’t do ANY Boudoir. I did make-up portfolio shots for a friend. 4 Models in my boudoir and shooting from 10 to 4, I was pooped. I fell into unconscious sleep after downloading the pictures around 8pm. On a Saturday night, how lame am I. Sorry folks, no nudity! they all

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I apologize for being MIA, but I’ve been catching up with a lot of stuff and I am getting ready to spend a lot of time in the lab tomorrow, I am being anal and want to make sure the prints are right. Very weird of me.Anyway, coming soon! my revamped main website. It is

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Here I am googling Boudoir photography for kicks. Darn there is some holly-eighties-crap out there batman! HUGE. No wonder people think your image is going to look like this: Not if I can help it. Of course there are some awesome photographers out there, but my only pet peeve is that there are those multi-talented

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So some picture from a recent event I attended of my friend Eric Mattei. I have to say I have a love-hate relationship with flash so I used it as little as possible. I just grab my 50mm lense, crank the ISO of my camera and click away and dont worry about grain. Grain is

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It turns out is now my favourite hang out. What else can I ask for, free drinks, cool people, and friends come to meet up there, I just wish they where more often :) Oh and people making out. That was the artist and the muse I think.

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Soooo, yeah I am a bad poster; bad girl, bad girl. Here are some pictures of my friends gallery , very nice place in Toronto. When I do event coverage, I find that the best pictures are the ones no one notices the camera is there.

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