ARTICLE originally published in 2010- updated 2017 and then clean up 2020, video coming soon! Inspired by my popular post “how to shoot your own boudoir photos” and this picture which title is: “NUMBER ONE USE OF CAMERA PHONES THESE DAYS” (Get naked and take pictures) Yes, we have all done it. Good thing we […]

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It is really not the same as taking a pole dancing class that is for sure 🙂 It was 1996 when I first went to one, I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. Yeah, it was nothing like “Showgirls” that movie I saw to check out what the saved by the bell

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Maternity shoots… like boudoir shoots from a while back, before they got all maxim and cool, there is a fine line between cheesy and cool. VERY fine.  I think it all started with the Demi Moore image in the 90’s. And then Christina Aguilera’s came along…  I like the poses and the heels actually suit

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