This comic reminded me of a client today… that trying to be sexy resulted in giggles most of the time. And she is not alone… I know like 5 people that can pull it off, well maybe now like 20 because they do burlesque but otherwise this happens. … I’m wearing the granny underwear, aren’t […]

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I am jumping on the bandwagon. Who am I kidding with the * – shit there I wrote it. shit you will most likely hear me say: * stand straight * suck it in * err, turn slightly right, no the other right * turn to the light * relax your mouth * open it

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Someone told me 20 years ago that I would still like comics at ripe old age of 34, I said: you crazy. And then 10 years ago someone told me you are becoming addicted to the internet, I said: you crazy. I like my comics better. Four years ago, my bf told me about twitter

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So! I made it to in an article about V-Day Gifts for the Adventurous Amour   loves it. thumbs up to Jessica Pollack!  And I quote: “Ok, I know that this one is a big splurge, but if you’ve got the flow then don’t hesitate to make it a go. It’s a win-win. Send your special

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and anything that you may drink to. I tortured my poor whiny babies so I can send pictures to my parents. Notice pink background to match my blog (nerd) and in this one I look good.^_^ Notice side parted bangs after chopping incident. Here I was attempting to bring props, first one is what are

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I had a little panic attack to realize that Christmas is a month away. And I do not have an idea to get as presents. dang it. I did some research, dang it again, and budgets are killing me. But I have some nice ideas for you! Lucky! Of course ME! So make him a

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So this weekend I volunteer at Art on the Loft. Come check it out. I’m at artist’s assistant on Saturday and Sunday, not sure what that means or entails, but I will be around asking artist if they want naked pics to come to me, yeah a little self promotion there from my volunteering efforts.

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I think it says it all 🙂 And some more shoot samples… these images where to mark her very special birthday…. guess!

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I mentioned to Lindsey I wanted to recreate this one in honor of the late Patrick Swayze, and I got a: now? Im tired… but who needs men when you have photoshop! my corny version 🙂

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more reasons to do it: Wow, eh? I mean I would sell my soul to the devil to have her body at 50, but man! I have to say to, that the image on the left is what we photographers have to work with. we enhance, saturate and contrast the crap out of them to

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