The secret

People have asked me: how do you make somebody feel comfortable naked? First of all- I have to say that the secret is that I understand that is not easy to feel comfortable in front of somebody fully dressed clicking away.I know what it feels like! I’ve done it a couple of times myself, and …

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more FAQ’s Wedding edition

First of all, yeah! I know! I need to update my galleries. I have some cool new shots and they are still not up there. Ok, soon I promise. Now- since is the season, and everybody is in love and feeling the preassure to fit in to a wedding dress, I am collecting some interesting …

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My FAQ’s

Or what I like to call my Faaaawks. You can almost hear my accent. 1: What to wear to the photo shoot? If it were solely up to me I would only let people wear black, white, red and hot pink. Pastels remind me of ice-cream. Uhm, well maybe that is a good thing. Avoid …

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