Frequently asked questions about your Boudoir Session

There are some FAQ’s lying around here somewhere but this is the condensed and updated version. 1. What should I bring to the session? I answered that one perfectly WHAT TO WEAR.  Or fancy a YOUTUBE VIDEO? How many outfits you may ask? minimum 3 but bring a variety – lingerie is not that heavy […]

Tips for Boudoir Photography in Hotels

I just got this question on an email and remembered that I have been meaning to write a post about this. And doing it before anything else distracts me. VIDEO HERE or just keep reading 🙂 The question was: have you done Boudoir Photography in a Hotel? Why yes I have. And let me impart […]

Your Boudoir Appointment Checklist

Here is a nifty easy to read pdf, for those that rather not go through my sometimes entertaining, but sometimes annoying (I know myself) blog. Tada! easy to use checklist here. It is a handy pdf that you can print or just click as you on your screen. So simple… Or the image you can […]

The one outfit pin up / boudoir shoot – tip for what to wear

I had the most organized client ever. Not only did she brought images for me to look at for the poses that she liked, she came photo ready. The only thing she had to do is change. For this example, she booked the mini boudoir package. In an out in 35 minutes, she broke my […]

Tips on choosing a boudoir photographer in your area…

SO! I got my first-time-ever actual question! and all the way from California, it made my day! nerd that I am, I went and did a Sally Field thing winning an Oscar; “You really read me, you actually really read me!” GIFSoup Anyhoo, not to drag my over-excitement, maybe it’s hormones, here it is: We really […]