Boudoir photography for couples- updated gallery and tips

It takes a really committed and confident couple to go for this type of photography.  You have to trust the other half that these images are not going to end up on Tumblr. A great source for ideas and inspiration, I save some stuff there that I see around Tumblr. It’s fun. Check

So! where was I?

Oh yeah, you have to trust your other half that in the case you ever broke up; pinkie-promise that these images do not end on the internets for the world to see your abilities.

I updated the Couples page and a handy dandy BROCHURE
I condensed all the tips there, it comes in handy when someone purchases a gift certificate and info of what to expect is needed.

It is really a lot of making out, cute making out, not eating faces because we do not want to ruin the makeup, a lot of boob grabbing, and a lot of pretending I am not there.

Tips on what to wear:
For her- they are all here on what to wear for your session
For him:
  • Suit with tie and everything (not to worry about the shoes really) or just bring shirt and tie.
  • Jeans and simple t-shirt
  • Boxers/ briefs/thongs I do not judge. Maybe a little but I won’t tell you. Simple colours, preferably no prints.
  • Shave super early in the day on even the night before if you have sensitive skin.
  • Tweeze the unibrow and brush off your lips with your toothbrush for kissable lips.
  • Moisturize after your shower, you want to look dewy
Book yours! If you need help convincing your other half, get the brochure 🙂
(originally published in 2011, now giving it the revamp)

Couples boudoir… a recent one

This shoot was so sexy that it deserves it’s on post. I love to hear when clients tell me: we bookmarked your site a while ago and we were excited to do this.  me: yay! They liked the photo I have somewhere around here of the couple I shot through the blinds. So I went to ikea to get me some for my place. Hadn’t thought of that one! It works great- now I can do my “perv looking through the blinds” shot anytime.

 so yay! couples! people should do this as an anniversary present. Or “I really like you and I want you to stick around” present.

And I like to thing that a couples boudoir shoot is the gift that keeps on giving. First is the day of the shoot – you leave and do your thing whatever it is. Then the anticipation of seeing your pictures and choosing together. And then when you get the final prints – or book, so you can look at these pictures anytime you want.

blurred on purpose to hide him. kinda lazily but you get the idea. 

Boudoir for Couples- update

Hello there. I have been meaning to update my boudoir for couples area, since you people like to google ” couple boudoir photos”, “sexy photos for couples”,  “boudoir photography nipples”, and my personal favourite “butt is sticking out while standing”
Because we all think about that. And some people google it.

But I digress. This post is about couples. Adventurous couples. I think a certain level of commitment is required.

And here it is! tadaaaa.
I am combining the ability to get the boudoir photos, plus the couple photos in one appointment.
Choose from these boudoir packages

The session will go more of less like this:
Makeup and boudoir for her while either the other half watches or waits outside. I have beer, its ok.
and then everybody gets dressed so we can take it all off. After that if you guys still want some normal pictures we go to the parks and shoot some casual shots. SO stuff for you and stuff you can show your mom.

Here are some samples, and again this time me and the man posed for ours. Poor Dana, my assistant, in what other job do you have to photograph your boss in their undies? Of course we couldn’t stop laughing but you get the idea.
And the things I do for you people, here I am again, in my underwear. Photoshop I love you, my back flab and hairy thighs (its cold now- you are lucky I shave to my knee) thank you.

So go ahead! get yours done.

June boudoir roundup (and some July)

Nutty month- some boudoir, some business headshots, family shots all over, a 160 person group shot and two weddings with my buddy Davide Greene. So if I get asked nicely, I do put out, I mean do other type of photography.

But back to boudoir:

This one is two different women – I needed to do a side by side: 
super legs, sexy freckles and a hint of lace:

a hint of lace:
And I got a brave couple! yay! love me my couples who feel comfortable enough to pose, or rather, make out in front of me.
and this one is a stand alone image for sure:

Boudoir for Couples

I enjoy boudoir sessions with just one on one, but every now and then I get the adventurous couple.
And what a great couple, so comfortable with each other. I’m just saying, that after 15 years of marriage you still look at each other like they did, you did something right. And she runs. I better start running if that butt is the result (!)

Psst… this post is old but it still gets lots of hits, must be the awesome butt.
So I am keeping it.
But if you are interested in a boudoir session for both of you is fun!

A testimonial:
“The best photoshoot I have ever had” Husband while holding wife’s boobs.

Tips for your Boudoir for Couples shoot:

Boudoir photography for couples

I was checking my google analytics of my page, because of course, I am a nerd and like to see how many people read my crap- anyway, I saw that one of the main hits was boudoir photography for couples.

All the same packages are applicable to couples, but I get requests for quotes for sessions where the couple gets to keep the images and want absolute privacy and want to do whatever they want. Just in case they run for prime minister one day.

So in a genius burst I am creating the ultimate intimate package – sorry I kind of got carried away- that includes me, as the photographer for one or two hours- no rush, also me retouching makeup, 4 gig card and you keep all the images, and you do whatever you want as long I don’t get splashed.

You will have the option to send me images that you like for retouching- but they are all yours, photographer released and everything. Like if you decide to build your own sexy website or something.

Some conditions will be applied to keep it kosher. So there I won’t have to custom quote anymore for couples or intimate portraits.

PSST if you need extra spicy erotic photography go to it’s me, but that site is not as PG -ha

Tips for your Boudoir Photography for Couples

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