Besides the benefit of your partner getting sexy images that you get to enjoy after, I think it sends a message of: And this is good for our self-steem, bonus points if you can make that Ryan Gosling smouldering look. So not only you get sexy art, she gets: The surprise: “oh my lordy, what the […]

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Are you getting married soon?  Here are some tips for your Bridal Boudoir! Bring: Personalize your shoot by bringing your veil and hair accessories. Your jewelry, shoes and lingerie. Anything that has special meaning to you like gifts, jewelry he gave you even that teddy bear he won for you at the fair. (I know I am

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Where the hell has time gone? No idea. On a personal note: This year I turn 40. And I don’t feel like I am almost 40. I can still pass for, 34 I think, so I am not complaining, but I am really surprised that this is what 40 looks like to me. I still

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Pictures that is. Or portraits I should say. For those of you who need reasons. P.S. This is what I have seen so far and they are not in any preference and/or order. You are still perky. Yes, you are not 20 anymore but they are still up, shoot them now! It’s on your bucket

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I am not sure but this post get’s a lot of hits, so I am updating it. Valentine’s is a funny holiday to me, it’s cold here in Canada, we are poor after the holidays and if you want to go out on that day there is a lineup and “special” set menus.  I like

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This shoot was so sexy that it deserves it’s on post. I love to hear when clients tell me: we bookmarked your site a while ago and we were excited to do this.  me: yay! They liked the photo I have somewhere around here of the couple I shot through the blinds. So I went

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Its been so hectic, so I havent posted recent work properly. But here we go! I made new friends (who should post great reviews girls!) just saying, you can go here for the google one and here for the yelp one hint- hint. so anyway! These are the reasons why some of my clients have done a

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Yeah I have neglected the blog. But I  have some naked here from some of my shoots! But first I want to share some exciting projects I got going. Some Burlesque! Diva Girl is organizing the Chic a Boom Ode to woman Come and be entertained by the Bombshell Beauties, Nuvo-Burlesque Performance and Training Group, along

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Yes I am done!- not really I still have to order some prints but almost! Have so much to post but here is a Happy Valentine’s preview, and some extra tidbits from my experience. Go buy lingerie on sale after Valentines- Winners puts an extra 40% on sale items after  And get on that groupon

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