How to do your own boudoir shoot with a phone – update

ARTICLE originally published in 2010- updated 2017 and then clean up 2020, video coming soon!
Inspired by my popular post “how to shoot your own boudoir photos” and this picture which title is:
“NUMBER ONE USE OF CAMERA PHONES THESE DAYS” (Get naked and take pictures)

Yes, we have all done it. Good thing we are not famous- yet.
Now, this post is about how to take your naked selfies to the next level.

Here is my attempt to eradicate those pictures taken in the washroom mirror – the horror.
Fine. I can’t eradicate them for good since we still have to take a picture of the outfit #OOTD we are wearing that day and post it.

But for sexy pictures in your underwear- Please use this.

Photos from when the original article was published in 2010 (DANG!) on an iPhone 4 and about 15 pounds (pre-Lily) less and different hair. This only reinforces my thought on “you look awesome right now”. Do not wait for when I do x. Time flies.

1: Get your room ready. 
My room does not look like this every day. Everything goes into the closet and the catch-all drawers.
Pay special close attention to clutter on surfaces, I know usually nobody is going to look behind you if your cleavage is right there, but don’t be that chick of the selfie mouse on the floor 

Thank goodness for push up bras. Aren’t they awesome? And my Batman undies. I nerded out for this shoot. Tips on what to wear are here.
Makeup. Pile it on.  Youtube has amazeballs makeup tutorials, don’t get lost in the rabbit hole so make sure you actually do this first.  Youtube glam makeup with the type of makeup you own.


After you prop it on a chair like I did or get one of those gadgets to stick your phone on surfaces, set it up to Time Lapse Option so you have some time to move around. Make sure you have enough memory so back up all your photos before attempting this. You will need the space.

All right here you go, it is way easier when no one is looking :). And you are actually looking at yourself in the phone so it helps. If you are shooting video set your iPhone horizontally – but for photos vertically it’s ok.
So start the goofiness. Use props. More tips on what to do click here Just remember, you are on your knees here so move around. Go on all fours. You can think of something 😛 Avoid using the digital zoom, it ain’t pretty.

5: EDITING: There are tons of apps out there, for simplicity I use Snapseed others even change your body shape. But if you already feel sexy in your underwear and makeup, this looks better than what an app can do.


What not to do:
besides losing your phone with all those pictures- or sending them to a  jerk

All I see is the toilet.
Almost… good try, the darn toilet paper got in the way. Push that tush.
So if you must… this is a good example. Almost no crap and all you see are boobs. It’s purpose is to tease. If you ever break up – there is no face! just awesome boobs.

And also points for clean mirrors! Anyway- hope you just set the self-timer and start having fun without holding your phone.

And lastly, do not forget to back up the photos from your phone, back them up on your computer- I was going to say google drive but not sure if I trust it, ZIP it, put a password in it then save it.

Have fun! I do have a thing for Batman

What happens during a Boudoir Photography Shoot

I can’t believe I never wrote this blog post, in my ten years of blogging and boudoiring. (yes I am inventing that word)

What goes on a Boudoir Shoot?

Lot’s of giggles that’s for sure. And depends on the photographer but pretty much this is the drill:
Outfit selection
Most people come with more than it is needed, just in case – the extra pretty pink set, and the loose sexy underwear in the drawer.  It goes on the bed, and we sort it, so I can plan your shoot:
“This outfit for the window, this one for the black background, this one for rolling around the bed and this one to take off”.

Now I get your butt in the makeup stool, depending on how much makeup you use on a day to day basis, we can go from natural: make your eyes pop – to glam smokey eye.
This will feel like a lot of makeup if you are not used to any, the thing is, photography makeup is more than the everyday stuff, we need to highlight your eyes as much as possible. And hopefully, it will bring out your inner stripper 🙂

Now you got your full face on, we retouched the hair if needed, it is time show me the goodies! Kidding. We start we the most covered outfit, maybe even some headshots to easy you into the sexy part. And it is nice to have a PG photo for social media with all your makeup done anyway.
Well, I won’t reveal all my secrets, but there is a lot of instruction, showing you what to do first, showing you the basic poses and lot’s of laughs. Because honestly, this is “the most ridiculous thing” you will ever do in front of a stranger. But the results are awesome! I do show you some photos along the way to show you what I am seeing. Most reactions are like: wow! I did not think I could pull this off! 
You are going to 🙂

Wrap up
I like to finish the sessions with a couple of shots between the sheets. To me, those are the most “real” and after tossing your hair and rolling around, you truly do look like you have been busy 🙂
And this is pretty much what happens in all the sessions at my place. You come in a little bit or a whole lot of nervous and that is perfectly normal. And then you forget you are prancing around in your underwear.

I started shooting boudoir in 2006

Where the hell has time gone? No idea.

On a personal note:
This year I turn 40. And I don’t feel like I am almost 40. I can still pass for, 34 I think, so I am not complaining, but I am really surprised that this is what 40 looks like to me. I still shop for my black t-shirts at forever 21. I still sound like I am 12. My favourite things have skulls or batman on them. I remember my parents at 40 and thinking, wow that is old.

Now, well yes, few (hundreds) more gray hairs, glasses, the (fl)abs and the botox in the near future. But my lifestyle is pretty much the same. So I have decided I need to make some changes. I want to turn 40 fit. And for someone that only runs to catch the bus and cycles to work only when the weather is between 15-35C with no wind, in a city where that only lasts 4 months, it is going to be a challenge.
Exercise is not my thing. If it is your thing I am jealous.

So I am writing this post to make myself accountable. I have a pin up photoshoot planned for June 1 ( ) and I will take the last appointment of the day. I want to have an actual waist by then. Here I go.

me, circa 2007
me, January 1, 2016

On a professional note:
Ten years,  holy wicked old batman! I continue doing this because I love it. I love the makeup, the outfits, the shoes (!). I love meeting women from all different walks of life, different bodies, different cultures and ages.

I had to bring in help – and I am so glad I did. Linda and Melissa are great. I trust them with my boobs so should you :). 
Melissa, Marlen, Linda “we are all nerds” who wear black

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this 2016. I plan to write more, draw more and keep on shootin’. And yes, I might have to exercise. pffft.

Here are some images I have loved from this past year.

Valentine’s Boudoir Roundup

I am not sure but this post get’s a lot of hits, so I am updating it.

Valentine’s is a funny holiday to me, it’s cold here in Canada, we are poor after the holidays and if you want to go out on that day there is a lineup and “special” set menus.  I like to celebrate it with Netflix and chill and maybe some nice wine. But I also like that this holiday is an excuse to get naked!

It’s the perfect excuse for those that have been meaning to do a shoot but haven’t dared. I like that. And it celebrates love! Even my jaded self can admire that.

Planning your Valentines Shoot

  • Start early, and by early I mean we have to do this in January sadly. By the time February rolls around there is hardly any time for me to print a book and do all the things! Usually, it is at least 10 days before, and that is cutting it close. 
  • Take advantage of all the January sales of lingerie! Avoid the valentine stuff because that will be regular price, but the red Christmas stuff? bring it! as long as there is no Santa thing you are good.
  • Cold weather is also a good excuse to get a spray tan, go with Jen at – more tips here
  • Get naked!
And some of my old images circa 2012 for #tbt purposes 🙂

Valentine’s Boudoir sessions

Yes I am done!- not really I still have to order some prints but almost!
Have so much to post but here is a Happy Valentine’s preview, and some extra tidbits from my experience.
  • Go buy lingerie on sale after Valentines- Winners puts an extra 40% on sale items after
  •  And get on that groupon wagon and get your self a mani/pedi/massage thing before you come. 
Heck even today there are brazilian’s for only $19!!!! I bought 5. I am all set.
I put on my facebook status : Be bald for Valentine’s get a brazilian  and my guy friend told me: I want to like your status but do not want to look like a creep. (ha) I say it is the gift that keeps on giving. And it will burn calories. 
So get your stuff, and then come see me, ok?

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Posing tips: How to pose for your boudoir close ups and make up sample

Yes long tittle, but interesting post! Since I had some free time, what else am I going to do? self timer fun! Well a little more advanced this time, I have a nice trigger. So, trigger happy fun!

So hey, how you doing. It’s me again doing dorky things to give you samples and tips. This time the photoshop was not so necessary since it’s above the waist stuff, so no putting my face on a victoria secret model this time. Its just me.

First the make up! I have to say, I am a fan of fake eyelashes. I wish I could wear them everyday but I save them for special occasions. Like a Sunday afternoon.

Then… ( I am practicing my pointing)

And from here we are ready to roll, right? You have the make up, the hairspray and the gloss, totally photo ready. But usually this is what happens. I always have to delete the first picture.

After my direction and a couple of jokes you get to relax for the result… shoulders back, tilt your head back and to the side, and suck it in and don’t breath. I liked this picture on the left. And trust me it was not immediate. There are like 50 in between the one on the left and the one on the right. Pure accident sometimes. Im awesome
Ok now, the first question when we start a session is : what do I do with my hands? Can they not be in the picture? We can’t ignore the ring! And even if you do not have a ring there is bracelets and the manicure you got. 
I look dorky but in general these turn out pretty decent. There is something sexy about a finger near a mouth. And yes I am thinking what you are thinking but Im not writing it. But men seem to like it. Look at playboy and maxim. 
Props help. Keeps your hands busy. It could be a  necklace, or a tie, or a nice scarf, or even the straps of your outfit. Busy hands are good pictures.
And the last one, it never fails. Touch your self. Even if you are not like “oooh this feels nice” because it really doesn’t but a guy think it does. So go ahead, touch your arm, even better STROKE IT. ha. so dirty. And while you are at it, squeeze your boobs.
And to end this post, here is what not to do. With pictures pretty self explanatory. Quick, before I change my mind of posting my double chin for the world to see.
I delete these most of the time, so clients never get to see the ones that had to be cut from the top 50ish. I have to admit, I do sometimes giggle.
So there, another imparted wisdom thanks to my trigger and a little extra time on my hands.  I needed new shots for my website anyway, the ones I have are from early 2007. darn!

How to pose sexy standing up


Oh, I had so much fun doing these. At first I found the images from this Victoria Secret model and thought to myself ” I should recreate these and not look so dorky”. Then I thought well that will be a lot of photoshopping of body, and I couldn’t help staring at that butt and that waist, and those abs, so I said to myself ” just put your face” self, you are so smart. All those pictures I have taken with the self-timer paid off. And I heart photoshop.
Here you go- your class on how to pose brought to you by Victoria Secret vand me. This is how I would look if I had 3 hours at the gym everyday, go blond with extensions and grow from 5’9 which is not bad, to 6′ and weight 120 pounds, laser the lower back hair (and who am I kidding, all the extra “peach fuzz”), skin resurface on entire body, surgically remove a couple of moles and a make-up artist airbrush with waterproof makeup all my bruises from biking . And minus 14 years give or take a few.

All photos are of Candice Swanepoel photo shoot that I am not sure who took it,  but probably the very talented Russell James (no relation- I wish)

Pose 1: Look over the shoulder. Push butt out, after a bit your lower back hurts but it looks awesome. Notice how hands are relaxed and near the mouth.
Pose 2:  Still touching self, tilt head back, instant chin removal and longer hair effect. Butt is still out, but in a bit more comfortable position
Pose 3: Push your butt out more, yes until it hurts. Notice dainty hands and touching self. No looking at the camera necessary. There is something going on over at that corner more interesting than sticking out your butt.
Pose 4:   Now bring your hand to your mouth and emphasise your waist by putting your hand on it. You could open your mouth a little so you look a little dopey instead of mean.  Separate legs, it gives the impression there is room in there.
Pose 5: Squeeze the boobs. This is how is really done. I always try to explain this and my re-enactment falls flat. It’s like crossing your arms but arranging stuff so it looks bigger. Poutting helps. Like “oooh, squeezing boobs makes me all kissy”. I am kinda proud of this one. If I am ever single again is going on lavalife.
Pose 6: Play with hair. Do not forget to keep sucking in gut, stick butt out and leave hand dainty. Yes, that would be my face if I had those abs. I would not wear clothes. Only daisy dukes.
Pose 7: Twisty frontal. See how she is making curves out of flat abs? She is all twisty and playing with her body. Putting one leg in front of the other also accentuates this. Notice thumb tucked in the bikini. This is the most popular Maxim pose ever. Looking smart with the hand close to the chin. Dainty hands, a hard thing to do.
Pose 8: Still twisty. Now the other side. Play with hair and tuck in the thumb. She is multitasking. Very talented And not even paying attention.
Pose 9: Head tilt. Let the hair flow to one side, hands touching self, and butt in an impossible natural position.
Pose 10: Ponytail. Hard one, still maintaining twisty and sticking out butt, pretend you are putting your hair up. This one lengthens abs and makes you look 10 pounds lighter, guaranteed. I would walk like this all day if I did not look special needs, or I am checking for armpit smell.
Disclaimer: Your lower back may hurt, after all this twisting, consult your doctor before attempting. This was for entertainment (mine) purposes only. As stated above these are not my pictures or body (I really wish!)  It really was just for fun. All other work in this site is mine except these – which I photoshoped. I do not claim any ownership to the Victoria Secret brand or awesome body of Model Candice  Book today! 

May Boudoir Photography Round up-

Yes my blogging has been neglected… but the good news is that I found an intern, Dana, but she really found me, which is awesome. She had me at I love Betty Page.

Anyhoo, May has been a month of lots of brides to be and some pretty swanky rings.
And! I have loved that I got the brides to be that would ever, ever do this, and the fiances have no clue at all! These women are my heroes. They totally jumped into the pool at the deep end. I made them swear they would film or take a picture when the guy sees the pictures. Or at least a vivid detailed email.

and some sexy lips:

And I did play around a bit
To get that one awesome shot- there where plenty of dorky ones in between- see right column – as if I would include those big in the blog. Just sharing that sexy sometimes is really an accident. I was about to yawn. True story. And I did get a manicure after seeing my ridiculous 8 year old hands. 50’s Makeup by Mel Dixon.

Thanks for reading!

Boudoir photography posing tips- hands edition

How dare I go this long without posting! Bad MJ.
argh soo busy- I am actually interviewing my first ever intern. I have resisted but I think is time. I get random calls now and then about being my assistant (so many guys want to volunteer – even pay me) but rarely a woman and a woman photography student, yay.

Here is something we all have in common, unless we watch americas next top model religiously, when posing, we just do not know what to do with our hands.

Yes they are part of the images and might as well use them as part of the composition.

My solution: (for almost every pose) Touch yourself.

Play with the hair, rub the tight, grab the edge of the underwear, fix the floppy thingies from the garter,  hold a strap, show me your engagement ring. And try to do it slower than usual.

and if everything else fails, just lay there and let me do the work:

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