People have asked me: how do you make somebody feel comfortable naked? First of all- I have to say that the secret is that I understand that is not easy to feel comfortable in front of somebody fully dressed clicking away.I know what it feels like! I’ve done it a couple of times myself, and […]

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I’ve heard it enough times that I am answering to Cleopatra, or Cleo for short. So of course I started playing a bit and took some self portraits, these are the less dorky. For someone who takes portraits for a living, it takes at least 10 shots for me to relax. Both tequila and camera

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As always, keeping entertained. Forgetting to blog, rats. But this time I’ve been productive. I’ve taken the liberty of creating my character, with loads of creative freedom; like I wish my boobs stood that way, or my arms looked that toned, never mind the skin without a trace of any stray hair. And the body-

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All right me. What to say, what to say. I am a graphic designer by trade. I always liked drawing and painting so it kinda made sense to go into graphics. There I also took film photography and loved it since. Officially I can be called a photographer since 2000 when I started working at

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