So this weekend I volunteer at Art on the Loft. Come check it out. I’m at artist’s assistant on Saturday and Sunday, not sure what that means or entails, but I will be around asking artist if they want naked pics to come to me, yeah a little self promotion there from my volunteering efforts. […]

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and another wedding! I think is the last of mine for the season. This one is for Christine, Lindsey’s cousin, so a very cozy wedding with great fall colours, the best freaking day weather wise and it was nice to meet everybody. So pretty! These where by Lindsey, he gets in the bushes and worries

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I’ve been lazy to post! But I have been so busy with the other type of photography. Lot’s of family shots for the friends and family and the ex-boyfriend (yes as awkward as that sounds) and wedding season. Haven’t had time to post anything naked. So here is Sarah and Byron, during the reception they

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I like it when clients have a interest in photography. I like it when we all share 🙂She did a great job and capturing me in them, changing my facebook pic right after this:) And I am trying this out, it was one of my faves of my candid photographer, some creative cropping to

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Of the other kind… Kate Schawss made me sound laid back and even quoted me saying nipple. I am on a Toronto paper saying nipple, greeeaaat. 🙂 some things will never change. And of course my picture is right under “Man killed in brutal daylight attack”(snicker) Thanks Kate! Oh have I mentioned I should stop

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I have to vent this one is funny. I will catalog it under “relationship”: forever to be called as the fan incident. So summer finally arrived and in anticipation groomsoky had a mission: get a ceiling fan for the boudoir. How hard can it be right? I said please get something black. Those where my

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Ahem… I should say taking boudoir portraits. Much nicer. – We all have insecurities. From nipple size and girth to a toe curvature and length. Many, many quirks I’ve seen. – It is really hard to hold a sexy pout and not crack up. – I have to say keep your shoulders back many times

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finally, some pics of me that I didn’t take with the self timer :), oh yes and the fiance, he he.Thanks to my BFF Amy Cross, my partner there at Natural Beauty Co-op, and my awesome photoshoping here are a couple of pics. And it was time that you all met the lucky guy that

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Here I am googling Boudoir photography for kicks. Darn there is some holly-eighties-crap out there batman! HUGE. No wonder people think your image is going to look like this: Not if I can help it. Of course there are some awesome photographers out there, but my only pet peeve is that there are those multi-talented

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