The intro

All right me. What to say, what to say.
I am a graphic designer by trade. I always liked drawing and painting so it kinda made sense to go into graphics. There I also took film photography and loved it since.

Officially I can be called a photographer since 2000 when I started working at Glamour Shots Canadian version. Yeah it was old-school and cheesy and glossy and puffy but I learned a lot. And it was the dawn of the digital cameras and I had the privilege to work with a 12,000 Kodak camera. It had a damn grain of dust that I had to photoshop all the time.

I have been a glamour photographer- a baby photographer and a wedding photographer. I made up my mind in 2006 that I would become a boudoir photographer while I was sent into the trenches by male photographers that weren’t allowed in by modest brides getting ready. I had the gender and the comfort advantage. Then I said heeeeey- I want to do this. I want to capture the beauty of vulnerability in nakedness, in getting ready, in sensuality.

And here I am, convincing people to take their clothes off. Yay!