Social media and boudoir photography props

Someone told me 20 years ago that I would still like comics at ripe old age of 34, I said: you crazy. And then 10 years ago someone told me you are becoming addicted to the internet, I said: you crazy. I like my comics better. Four years ago, my bf told me about twitter “you have 140 characters to say what are you doing in that moment to anywhere in the world” and I said… you know what I said. 
These days I am even on you tube!  
So here I am becoming a social media maven, well not really, but not too shabby. 
Are we friends on Facebook? Are you a fan of my page? Do you follow me on twitter? But it is everywhere! I am now friends with Casa Loma. Yes, you crazy.
Anyway, after my social media semi-rant, I have to acknowledge a couple of bloggers that I girl crush on. And yes they have a standing invitation for a boudoir session:

And where is the boudoir you may ask? here it is!
People are getting creative with props! some ideas here.
She is a doctor… of love! sorry I couldn’t resist.. she is a real doctor
And she has the best prop ever- hair below the nipples! very Eve!
And if we have no hair, necklaces always help.
So for your session bring something that represents you. 
There, I have imparted my wisdom. tootles!