Things Boudoir Photographers Say

I am jumping on the bandwagon. Who am I kidding with the * – shit there I wrote it. shit you will most likely hear me say:

* stand straight
* suck it in
* err, turn slightly right, no the other right
* turn to the light
* relax your mouth
* open it a bit
* do not worry you do not look special needs
* touch your mouth
* yeah – now suck it O_o
* butt man or boob man?
* ok now on your knees
* spread your legs – make room there
* on your tummy
* put your legs up
* knees together! like a lady!
and my favourite –
* let the nipple escape.

Good thing I am a girl- it does get comfortable between girls. I have full conversations while people are changing their panties. Guys want my job – ha.

The one thing I want to say but haven’t had the chance:

Thanks for the laugh ladies!