The secret

People have asked me: how do you make somebody feel comfortable naked?

First of all- I have to say that the secret is that I understand that is not easy to feel comfortable in front of somebody fully dressed clicking away.
I know what it feels like! I’ve done it a couple of times myself, and mostly with guy photographers and I’ve learned what and what not to do, the naked way.

I find that 90 percent of my clients are really nervous about it- only a handful go like- ok! let’s get everything off now! I start the session slowly and it helps if I am doing the make up because it gives us time to chat a bit. You’ll soon realize I am silly. I am a goof. I am an ultra nerd trying to be cool.
And I almost get away with it. I can not say ” squeeze your boob harder” with a straight face. However many times I say it.