I have to vent this one is funny. I will catalog it under “relationship”: forever to be called as the fan incident.
So summer finally arrived and in anticipation groomsoky had a mission: get a ceiling fan for the boudoir. How hard can it be right? I said please get something black. Those where my measly instructions.
What do I get? The ugliest brown and gold ceiling fan. My sound when I saw it: “oh”
His response? You dont like it? its a celing fan, with a remote control and it was on sale from 200 to 100. Me: its brown and gold. G: aren’t they all? aren’t ceiling fans just functional and blah blah (I went to my happy place)

So after a couple of tense moments and phone calls explaining why this thing was ugly, he reluctantly went to change it back. While I said: fine, lets just keep it and I’ll spray paint it black. G: nope, you all ready said you didn’t like it .

So he goes back to the homedepot and tells the girl there, “I need to return this”. Is there anything wrong with it? “no, my fiance says it’s ugly” Her answer? Oh yeah.
Vindication! Validation! all that crap!
This post is to all the dumb fights we all have and the ones we will. cheers.

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  1. 🙂 thanks. I do have to say, I have been corrected and it wasn't brown and gold like the fan I posted, it was a darker shade of brown and pewter(!)a pale looking gold.

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