Reasons to get boudoir photography done

Pictures that is. Or portraits I should say. For those of you who need reasons.
P.S. This is what I have seen so far and they are not in any preference and/or order.

You are still perky. Yes, you are not 20 anymore but they are still up, shoot them now!
It’s on your bucket list. Besides, it is way more doable than “writing a novel” or “learn lambada” for some people.
It’s your birthday. Or someone’s birthday, valentine’s or xmas!
You are single. And proud of it. Or you want to rub it into that ex-“how-dare-he-dump-me” how hot you look. Or you just want a naked picture of yourself to hang on your wall. Just change it for that Anne Geddes Pic of the babies when your parents come over. (or Tinder maybe?) HA
You are married. And proud of it. Hey, you’ve lasted this long, and everything you have taken is homemade and in your computer. Time to step it up a notch. Great anniversary gift for those hard to buy for guys.
You are about to get married. Air them out before the big day. Be proud of them. Lucky bastard.
You are in a long distance relationship. Send these, and do it while you are on a video call so you can see his face. Mua-ha-ha.
Cosmo said. Or me. Or the internet. Those wedding sites! It’s perfectly good advice you know.
You are not perky. TG for photoshop. I do not have to be perky. And you have that mouth made for… sin. And you want to shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt.
You don’t have to be naked to be sexy. I must admit, there is nothing sexy about spread eagle. So use the power of seduction, leave stuff to the imagination. Just let your boobs escape their confinement for a couple of photos.
Your other half has a subscription to maxim/fhm/stuff/. Proof that he likes a sexy picture, well, enjoys the sexy pictures and the articles of course.
Nobody thinks you would ever do it. ha! Well, you show them after my flattering angles, jokes, and photoshopping.

This one I have to add because lately, there is something in the air. Babies! Babies everywhere!
You just found out you are pregnant. Quick! before the boobs are totally changed! AND it has a dual purpose, as a reference for posterity, and give your husband – err well I won’t write it.

I know there are a lot of women out there that are still on the fence about boudoir photography.

But just so you know:

  •  I am not a guy in a basement
  •  I have been around for a bit – since 2006 (gasp) and before that – way before that when Glamour shots existed in Canada. 
  •  I won’t show your face with your undies (internet lives forever)
  •  I am a complete dork and my goal is to get awesome photos of you, I have no shame.
  •  You will see me taking a photo while touching my boob so you do the same (you can’t just grab it you have to cradle it and present it – it is a science) 
Trying to do Pinup face. 
And see- who needs to post a face? Nobody I tell you.