Privacy and naked pictures

This happened and it is super scary… the fappening! (yeah I am with it with the lingo). Naked celebrity pictures- out to the world to see and fap (eww).
Here is what scares me. Someone actually took the time to hack “the cloud” whatever that is. All those images were for personal use, and most were not even aware that they had a copy saved there.
Here is the answer that I heard: Well don’t have naked pictures on your phone! Take a polaroid instead.
But that ain’t happening. People are shedding the clothes and taking some nekkid pics. It’s just too easy to do. This day in age is just not possible. We all want to look back at the perkiness. For me, it was circa 2007. I didn’t have to suck it in as much.
What I think we should all do:

  1. If you are saving a copy on your online drive: save your images and zipped them, name the folder something innocent: “PM Dawn Lyrics” “Chilli Cookoff Pics” or “Poems” “Catwoman Comics”
  2. Delete all emails that have links to the images or stuff you emailed your friend to help you choose images. Ask them to do the same.
  3. You could save it on a hard drive at home, but to be realistic, on the event of a virus on a computer or an accident, those pictures are gone forever.
  4. Or print a little black book. Now you have a hard copy of your naughtiness.

What I do to keep your images safe.

  • Password protected proofing site.
  • Password protected FTP gallery.
  • I do not take my “naked” laptop anywhere.
  • I only post cropped pictures with no tattoos or anything recognizable.
  • Most of the time- I distort the images a tad.
  • My lab is very trustworthy and professional, not Walmart.
  • From now on, I am deleting the online backup every two months. In cases where privacy is more of a concern, I delete them as soon as you confirm you downloaded the images.
Is a scary digital world out there, I am just so glad that we had no camera phones when I was in high school or university for that matter. God I feel ancient. The way technology has evolved. There are some artsy nudes of mine from back in the day, I posed nude for some art photos when I was 20, but I dabble in the naked world anyway and I am not running for office, so whatever. Wish I had a copy though.
And don’t let all the scandals scare you. There is always a tiny risk when you are doing something naughty :) that is what makes it fun!
I leave you with a Catwoman quote. Let’s all do something that makes us feel yummier! I am grabbing the red lipstick and a girdle some Spanx. Life is too short.