Posing tips: How to pose for your boudoir close ups and make up sample

Yes long tittle, but interesting post! Since I had some free time, what else am I going to do? self timer fun! Well a little more advanced this time, I have a nice trigger. So, trigger happy fun!

So hey, how you doing. It’s me again doing dorky things to give you samples and tips. This time the photoshop was not so necessary since it’s above the waist stuff, so no putting my face on a victoria secret model this time. Its just me.

First the make up! I have to say, I am a fan of fake eyelashes. I wish I could wear them everyday but I save them for special occasions. Like a Sunday afternoon.

Then… ( I am practicing my pointing)

And from here we are ready to roll, right? You have the make up, the hairspray and the gloss, totally photo ready. But usually this is what happens. I always have to delete the first picture.

After my direction and a couple of jokes you get to relax for the result… shoulders back, tilt your head back and to the side, and suck it in and don’t breath. I liked this picture on the left. And trust me it was not immediate. There are like 50 in between the one on the left and the one on the right. Pure accident sometimes. Im awesome
Ok now, the first question when we start a session is : what do I do with my hands? Can they not be in the picture? We can’t ignore the ring! And even if you do not have a ring there is bracelets and the manicure you got. 
I look dorky but in general these turn out pretty decent. There is something sexy about a finger near a mouth. And yes I am thinking what you are thinking but Im not writing it. But men seem to like it. Look at playboy and maxim. 
Props help. Keeps your hands busy. It could be a  necklace, or a tie, or a nice scarf, or even the straps of your outfit. Busy hands are good pictures.
And the last one, it never fails. Touch your self. Even if you are not like “oooh this feels nice” because it really doesn’t but a guy think it does. So go ahead, touch your arm, even better STROKE IT. ha. so dirty. And while you are at it, squeeze your boobs.
And to end this post, here is what not to do. With pictures pretty self explanatory. Quick, before I change my mind of posting my double chin for the world to see.
I delete these most of the time, so clients never get to see the ones that had to be cut from the top 50ish. I have to admit, I do sometimes giggle.
So there, another imparted wisdom thanks to my trigger and a little extra time on my hands.  I needed new shots for my website anyway, the ones I have are from early 2007. darn!

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  1. I need to just say, you are hysterical. I'd never publish photos of my tripl-I MEAN, double chin. Intentionally. Brave woman, you are.

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