On a desert island with Marlen James- and sexy shoes

yes I saw it on Glamour, yes I am interviewing myself.

DVD  The fifth element. “It has everything I need, Bruce Willis, futuristic elements, costumes by a fashion designer, action, comedy and the outfit I want to wear one halloween (after my lipo) as Liloo.”
TV box set  True blood. bloody sexy I tell ya! I am team Eric.
CD George Michael’s greatest hits. I still have faith you know. I think this is where it all started for me. Watching sexy George Michael videos and girls in lingerie. And then I want your sex, I hardly knew what sex was. Oh crap it all makes sense now! Damaged goods since 1986.
Book I am reading the Dark Hunter Series, I want them all.
Snack  Chips. My kryptonite.
Drink Beer!
Toy My camera. it counts

And Internet. I think I would need Internet. Just thinking about it not having Internet gives me the shakes.

Oh well.
But here! Interesting pictures of butts and shoes. Yeah I am making a few fetishists happy 🙂

And this one, that actually I had to ask her, are you OK?  I’ve done it before and it is quite a popular request, to me it is interesting how its sexy and kinda dirty at the same time.

Quick! How tall are the heels? as if you would notice. 🙂 I have to much fun sometimes.
Oh yeah! and before I forget! See why you need to bring shoes? Those shoes that you still have in a box because they hurt so bad? I promise I wont make you stand long.
I like looking at amazon adds that suit my blog. Amazon sells everything. Type in fetish. I dare you.