New Year Resolutions

I’ve been busy, not with photography as I would love to be, but with the back end of my main method of spreading the word of marvelous me, my website. Or I shall say websites.
Introducing Boudoir Wedding tada!

And there is also the spanish site, long overdue. Since I am from Mexico, and do try to go there as much as I can.

So here it is. My list.
1. Get more people naked
2. May those naked pictures lead to wedding bookings
3. Travel more
4. spend less time in the computer (so hard!) and more shooting
5. and of course blog more, for my entertainment and my very loyal following, which does not include my sister on my select group of 5 :)

I am also grateful for the opportunity to see all kind of boobs, tattoos and body shapes that come my way. The laughs and the naughty jokes. And the awesome clients that spread the gospel of naked.

Best wishes and have an awesome 2009

P.S. have I mentioned I am engaged? no? right I’ve only been a fiance (can’t get use to that word for the life of me) since before Xmas so there! Expect behind the scenes of that too. Big year ahead!