My best friend’s wedding

Yeah yeah. I say once a week and it just does not happen. I have to book blogging time.

But this time I do have an excuse! June was nuts in general but also good busy with my bff’s wedding. And when you are MOH or Best woman like we settled it, you have duties.

What  I find most interesting about my friendship with Amy is that actually her … husband … gotta get used to that, Eric set us up. I was friends with Eric first and when he met Amy he was gun-ho on introducing me to Amy. And after spending a lunch date giggling and talking photos and art – that was it. Fast forward 5 years later and there I was, being witness to two of my favourite people. 

But I get ahead of myself, first it was the girl weekend…
You would think it was a naked boudoir party- but no; we where more low key. Weekend at the cottage. But of course I brought my camera. How could I not. Even if we where relaxing, eating and drinking- penis paraphernalia appeared anyway.

I even let people touch my camera.
And then the wedding. My maid of honour duties prevented me from being the photographer but I had my camera just in case. And Amy’s good friend Amelia did an awesome job. You can check some of the wedding photos here:

The weather cooperated by being not horribly hot or humid in our black dresses. The day went smoothly, zero stress, lot’s of food, and did I mentioned that I loved my dress?

photo by Amy

Amy and Amelia
I was good after and did not carry my camera. hard to do I tell you. hard. Usually I am like this:
But I didn’t ! I had ton’s of fun and felt semi adopted by both families. I’m part italian and polish from now on. 
And I had the best co-speech parter ever; Meghan her cousin. She tried to convince me to rap. We settled on a poem. And by poem I mean stuff that rhymed with lens. We came up with cleanse. It’s ok Amy loves both. 
Happy to be part of my sista’s day. Can’t wait to see all the pictures! 
Ok! now I shall continue to edit. A highlight round up to follow- I have tons!