Model Boudoir

This is something to give yourself, or as a mothers day gift, an anniversary gift, an “I lost 10 pounds” gift, or the one that has special meaning to me is; “I am able to fit into my old pants” gift.

I am offering a one of a kind package:
Session with two looks (natural and pussycat) up to 3 outfits.
Full make up application. Hairstyling (or I what I call bed hair shellac)
And, drum roll please… 20 fully retouched 5×7 high res Images.
So you can print and upload at your hearts desire. For $299- intro special. Reg. $350 (it is a lot of retouching.)
What is the difference you may ask?
this one:

Ok not my picture but I really do not want to put a before and after of me or any of my clients ok? I do this and I do this well.
And also I will choose the best after a briefing with you, so you get to see the actual final product, not the pre-production stage.
I have a no lump, dimple, strechmark, pimple, scar, stray hair guarantee :)

All the actresses and models do it, why not you?