Minding my business

Here I am googling Boudoir photography for kicks. Darn there is some holly-eighties-crap out there batman! HUGE. No wonder people think your image is going to look like this:

Not if I can help it. Of course there are some awesome photographers out there, but my only pet peeve is that there are those multi-talented photographers that will take a picture of your puppy, and your son’s baptism, and then your naked pictures.

I am like: really? Are you sure? Can you see me as a baby photographer? Which I was for part of for about a year, but in the behind the scenes. I learned my lesson. I get a tick in my left eye when a hear a squeaky toy.

I am all about the multi talents- but I think a website should be dedicated to one part. Clients have asked me to do family shots- which I gladly do.

All right, there is my rant of the day. And here is proof also that I also put out for people I like. 🙂

p.s. no squeeky toys where harmed during this session.