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mexico lindo y querido

I’m baaaaaack…
Kidding! Im kinda glad the weather here was crappy in my absence, everybody was telling me why do I go to Mexico when is nice here… suckers…
Here is the symbol of Guadalajara, the cathedral…

These are my day pictures…
In order of appearance, kiosk which I forgot the name off, right next to the cathedral, dancers with the state costume… thinking: wedding attire? (not really)
And the ruins of a pyramid like 500 yards from my parents house, the Ixtepete, not that pretty, but over 3,000 years old. Makes me wonder how it used to look.

and my night pictures…
That is my bestie, Ana, smoking and blaming me, everybody smokes in Mexico, I hate it. A night panorama from the “hill of the treasure” sounds cooler in spanish. And my oldest (!) friends, Ana from grade 9, Karla, mostly from highschool but because she is Karen sister I’ve known her since grade 4 too.
And we are so glad we look waaay better now. Don’t we look like a hair dye ad? Mine is natural of course.

The bottom my cousins at another bar, by 1 I was pooped. old age…

I missed groomsooky but my friends made it really fun.
Love to all the rucas.

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