Mexico Destination Wedding 101

Soooo, in my ever continuous research and handling of groomzilla, we where hoping to do a ceremony in Mexico. It seemed pretty easy to me, right? just apply for the license and get the test done and that it is right? ha! I found this site Mexconnect to enlighten me.
Because I am a Mexican citizen he has to get a permit to marry me. I found it funny, I thought there was no green card issues.
Anyway and of course locations. I could send my parents to scout but I found another great site Bodaclick It is in spanish but you can view locations like Haciendas (super cool) and it lets you know the starting prices per person. I even found one with a view! Now my plans are in limbo.
I dared to say : let’s do a city hall wedding here and have a reception in Mexico, with a view.
I got a: my parents wouldn’t like that.
???? was my face. :) That is all I need, groomzilla and parents. Or should I say groomzooky and parentzillas? (I’m a nerd: Godzooky was the kid -or nephew- of Godzilla in a old old cartoon) I crack my self up sometimes.
I will be a pro after all this.