Me and non naked pictures

Well hello there. Like the tittle? It just came to me. Not really, it’s just that lately I have been doing more “non-naked” shots than before, and they deserved a post.
I have tried to focus my efforts in Boudoir photography and it has been great. That is still my main specialty that is for sure. What has happened is that former naked clients have asked me: can you shoot me and the new baby? Do you do familes? So you think you can dance?
yes to all of the above.

Right after my glamour shots days, I was actually a baby photographer for a bit. It lasted a whole year and a half until the squeaky toys started to give me eye twitches. True story. It was a perfect match since I was a new mom and around all these babies so it made sense at the time. I learned a lot. Specially what I like and don’t like. I hate photos that you just sit there in front of a grey back drop- I really do. Well, I hate the stiffness of them. It takes a while for people to feel comfortable in front of a camera and those sessions are in and out in under 15 minutes. I love interaction, true smiles, tickles and hugs.
So anyway… I tried to keep the family shots and the boudoir shots separate but they keep overlapping – so I am giving up.
You can see some family and friends shoot here: