Reasons women do it

Its been so hectic, so I havent posted recent work properly.
But here we go! I made new friends (who should post great reviews girls!) just saying, you can go here for the google one and here for the yelp one hint- hint.

so anyway! These are the reasons why some of my clients have done a boudoir shoot:

  • “I do not like any pictures of myself but I am doing this for my hubby” I said BRING IT ON. She liked them. He LOVED them. 
  • “It has taken me a long time to feel good about my body and here I am!” love this one. 
  • “It’s our ten year anniversary”
  • “Nobody thinks I would ever do this”
  • “I am getting married in two weeks!” – I get this one a lot.
  • And the main one, no one will recognize their faces in their underwear. 

So yes here are some of the ladies that have crossed my boudoir 🙂 Love your stories. I may write a book someday.