Marlen James

Makeup FAQ’s

Who does the makeup?

Me. I sit your butt and you are at my mercy... 🙂 We usually start by how much makeup do you usually wear, 50% the answer is I don't, so we go with a light smokey to highlight your eyes mostly and maybe a little piece of fake eyelash. The other ask for either smokey eye, or cat eye.

Did you go to school?

Yes, to the Canadian Acadamy of Esthetics, back in 1999 (gasp!) I worked at Glamour shots where I did makeup as well, and now, I keep up to date with youtube. I love the school of  youtube.

What brands do you use?

As we all did, I had a MAC phase, then I had an Arbonne phase, I do like their makeup, now, after trying stuff and what works and doesn't, most of my makeup is from Shoppers. Maybelline eyeliners and mascaras.  Nars blush, the best red lipstick ever by Makeup Forever.

Note: if you suffer from rosacea or suffer allergies please bring your own.

Why do you ask to bring your own foundation?

Well, I don't buy that many colours, I do mix and match my potions, but if you have a darker skin tone, and a foundation that matches, please bring it.

If you do not wear any that is ok, I do have stuff here. But a tip is sometimes you can get free samples 🙂 bring those.

What about mascara?

It's one of those things that it is better to have your own, as much as I take care of using disposable wands and all that jazz it's better to have your own.

Should I come with my face clean?

You don't have to, I can add to what you are wearing.  I do not go out without mascara- ever.

How long is the makeup application?

About 20-30 minutes.

Do you do hair?

Not from scratch, I can add a wave with my wand and add finishing touches.

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