I am read- woo hoo!

My first actual live commenter- thanks Richard! I know my friends read this and some potential clients to see what the hell they are getting themselves into, but other photographers honor me. I while back I received an email from Julie, and now this commet. Make me feel appreciated 🙂 See Nicole? comment once in a while! Jenn too!
Anyway! I was about to post the now famous head-on-demi-moore’s body. I found it and it makes me smile. Here is my friend Eliza in all her glory- now a super mom of twin girls.

1 thought on “I am read- woo hoo!”

  1. Well, there’s always a first time for everything…:) Can feel awfully lonely when only a one-sided conversation. Others should know that they’re only a “comment” click away to just say hello, at least.


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