How to do your own boudoir photography tutorial

or what I like to call- the self boudoir experiment or anybody from my day job look away right now.

I still think that I am the way to go for boudoir pictures but wanted to show you how to take your own if you live impossibly far from me (will travel for 4 or more sessions wink wink) or have agoraphobia, or are pathologically shy.

Steps for an awesome self boudoir portrait.

1. Clean your room of all clutter. It is distracting. I shove everything to the second bedroom (TV included) when I do shoots. 

2. You will need somewhere to set your camera beside your bed. I am using the stool there.

3. Turn all the lights. all of them, open the windows, flash your neighbors.

4. Or get a hotel room, it’s all ready de-cluttered for you. Or keep it in mind next time you have a work trip. 


Set your digital point and shoot camera to portrait with flash. It helps to smooth any unflattering shadows. I do prefer the non flash look but since we are not photoshoping here we need the most smoothing possible. If you can change the settings of your exposure change to +2 just remember to set it back. We will be using the self timer. Use the 10 second one the 2 second one sucks.

If you are a lucky owner of a slr, well some Nikons and the others have interval shooting and its really fun. You set it to take a picture every 10 seconds and you can go crazy.

With slr you have more leeway to avoid using flash. 


Get your outfit ready. I pretended this one is a swimsuit to convince myself to do this. I could’t find mine in all the winter crap.

Ignore helmet head. 

Squeeze arms in front of you for guaranteed cleavage. (or you money back)

So put one stocking on, and go set your camera to the self timer.

And the results! I did changed them to black an white, and there are many online sources to do so. Picnik is my web editor of choice. Flicker let’s you do all kind’s of stuff. (oh it was bought by google- what will flicker do?)

And voila! Ready to torture some ex-boyfriend, some long distance relationship or use on plenty of fish. Or keep for your self for future reference. 🙂

PS I am even offering my awesome photoshopping for those in need at 10 each image. email me at mj at
PSS The things I do to get more traffic in my blog… I shaved for you people!

6 thoughts on “How to do your own boudoir photography tutorial”

  1. Love this post, I have been wanting to try my hand at boudoir photography for a while now. Just need to find some willing models for a few hours.

  2. Hi Kristen! bribe your friends with images and there is always model mayhem- there is a lot of new models willing to work for trade (like it better than craiglist). Good luck!

  3. I always take my own boudoir shots for my husband. I'm great behind the camera, but I suck in the spotlight. This is an awesome do it your self tutorial.

  4. Me too! I took like 50 to get the 2 I liked. I think that the most important thing is too not be holding the camera so it doesn't look " myspace" 🙂

  5. I recently had my boudoir pictures done by a local photographer in Houston. It gave me the confidence to do my own pictures for my husband. Thank you for the great tips!

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