How to pose sexy standing up


Oh, I had so much fun doing these. At first I found the images from this Victoria Secret model and thought to myself ” I should recreate these and not look so dorky”. Then I thought well that will be a lot of photoshopping of body, and I couldn’t help staring at that butt and that waist, and those abs, so I said to myself ” just put your face” self, you are so smart. All those pictures I have taken with the self-timer paid off. And I heart photoshop.
Here you go- your class on how to pose brought to you by Victoria Secret vand me. This is how I would look if I had 3 hours at the gym everyday, go blond with extensions and grow from 5’9 which is not bad, to 6′ and weight 120 pounds, laser the lower back hair (and who am I kidding, all the extra “peach fuzz”), skin resurface on entire body, surgically remove a couple of moles and a make-up artist airbrush with waterproof makeup all my bruises from biking . And minus 14 years give or take a few.

All photos are of Candice Swanepoel photo shoot that I am not sure who took it,  but probably the very talented Russell James (no relation- I wish)

Pose 1: Look over the shoulder. Push butt out, after a bit your lower back hurts but it looks awesome. Notice how hands are relaxed and near the mouth.
Pose 2:  Still touching self, tilt head back, instant chin removal and longer hair effect. Butt is still out, but in a bit more comfortable position
Pose 3: Push your butt out more, yes until it hurts. Notice dainty hands and touching self. No looking at the camera necessary. There is something going on over at that corner more interesting than sticking out your butt.
Pose 4:   Now bring your hand to your mouth and emphasise your waist by putting your hand on it. You could open your mouth a little so you look a little dopey instead of mean.  Separate legs, it gives the impression there is room in there.
Pose 5: Squeeze the boobs. This is how is really done. I always try to explain this and my re-enactment falls flat. It’s like crossing your arms but arranging stuff so it looks bigger. Poutting helps. Like “oooh, squeezing boobs makes me all kissy”. I am kinda proud of this one. If I am ever single again is going on lavalife.
Pose 6: Play with hair. Do not forget to keep sucking in gut, stick butt out and leave hand dainty. Yes, that would be my face if I had those abs. I would not wear clothes. Only daisy dukes.
Pose 7: Twisty frontal. See how she is making curves out of flat abs? She is all twisty and playing with her body. Putting one leg in front of the other also accentuates this. Notice thumb tucked in the bikini. This is the most popular Maxim pose ever. Looking smart with the hand close to the chin. Dainty hands, a hard thing to do.
Pose 8: Still twisty. Now the other side. Play with hair and tuck in the thumb. She is multitasking. Very talented And not even paying attention.
Pose 9: Head tilt. Let the hair flow to one side, hands touching self, and butt in an impossible natural position.
Pose 10: Ponytail. Hard one, still maintaining twisty and sticking out butt, pretend you are putting your hair up. This one lengthens abs and makes you look 10 pounds lighter, guaranteed. I would walk like this all day if I did not look special needs, or I am checking for armpit smell.
Disclaimer: Your lower back may hurt, after all this twisting, consult your doctor before attempting. This was for entertainment (mine) purposes only. As stated above these are not my pictures or body (I really wish!)  It really was just for fun. All other work in this site is mine except these – which I photoshoped. I do not claim any ownership to the Victoria Secret brand or awesome body of Model Candice  Book today! 

7 thoughts on “How to pose sexy standing up”

  1. The secret in achieving greater pose is not only emphasizing your assets. It should come within you. Just think you're sexy and it would reflect on your photo. That's one of those things a model should possess whenever they're in front of the camera.

    Barrie Baird

    1. Not all people can pose, no matter how sexy they think they are. For some it is important to learn some basics in posing. Or in other words, you have to learn to play it straight before you can really start to improvise. Unless you're a complete natural of course.

  2. I agree! But I hope people practice at home and start being less self-conscious. I've had very stiff clients, where I had to move their hand a certain position, but most fall in the middle, they mimic what you are showing them and start to loosen up 🙂

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