“How to do boudoir” secret revealed

ha- couldn’t find a tittle for this post. It’s really my first step during the session. But gotta get that internet traffic somehow. Naked pictures of women is pretty saturated. And “my first step” doesn’t really have anything catchy. Or maybe my first step to get you naked! I do not want to even google that. Secret it is.

SO ta-da! Here it goes.

So you come in to your session right, all giddy or nervous, or both. Which is normal, really. You are about to show me your underwear. And you have to imagine I am a hot guy. And you are about to look really sexy for me.  (me in my yoga pants and sweaty mustache upper lip- it gets hot with all those lights ). Its nerve wracking. And funny too.

First I ease you into a false sense of security, muahaha, by checking your outfits first.
Then we decide what make up look to go for considering your outfits. 
Once done you put on your little dress you brought for your PG pictures.

After some jokes, maybe some tequila, I will tell you, show me some leg. Show me a shoulder with the strap down. Pretend you are taking it off. Then take it off biotch! (not exactly like that but this is a dramatization)  🙂

And the result: 

  • > You relax into the session (and get over your deer in headlights look)
  •  I get awesome pictures

>There! you are posing! and goofing around awesome! not that hard eh? 

Underside boob = sexiness – almost as good as side boob or semi open mouth

Last tip: Practice posing! no matter how silly you think you look. There are some sexy moves you have in there.

This post brought to you by

 you can buy stripping poles on Amazon? really? And Carmens is the cheapie one. ha. 

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