How to choose your boudoir photos… part of the FAQ’s

So! I don’t know why I didn’t write a blog post before about this, since I practically have written novels on how to choose your images on clients’ emails.

I usually have 4 types of clients:

A – the one who loves photos of herself  – knows angles and how to pose – I hardly have to direct her.
B – the one who loves only 10% of the photos of herself – kinda stiff in the beginning but gets the hang of it.
C – the one that just wants pics and is not picky – mostly relaxed, but still have to work to bring the sexy out
D – hates the camera

I think most of us are under the B category.  Some days even D. Sure we have our non- awkward moments and those you pray that no one uploads and tags you in. Like the image bellow. Totally me.

Here is the thing, you are trusting me to narrow down the pictures I take and not show you the not- so flattering ones. And it helps that you have your hair did, your makeup is expertly applied (ahem) and you are working those peepers with those fake eyelashes that are awesome. See example bellow: From smokey eye to cat eye to a “natural” look.


You get the unedited 50ish to choose from. You are going to LOVE about 3 – where I caught you just right. You will like and see the potential of another 5 or 10 (depending on the package). Then! here is the tricky part: you have to choose some with a guy’s perspective in mind. Yes, that one with the butt or the boob or your finger in the mouth.  Those ones.

So no matter how picky or how much you do not like your picture taken- someone is waiting to see those pictures and you have to choose those too.


Extreme photoshop 🙁

For me, is a case of “hell, remove that cellulite and those stray hairs and that extra roll on top of the underwear”. I know about all that self-respect, that airbrushing just perpetuates an impossible standard of beauty and all that jazz. Which I agree with 100%. The airbrushing goes sometimes too far. Like this sample of Jennifer, it’s just ridiculous. The angle of this pose would make a twig look chunky. I worry more about how flattering the pose is than trying to edit it later.

I have a light hand. It will still look like you but no extra stuff. The lighting helps the pose and the lens, I am just going over little things. My philosophy is that guys don’t really pay that much attention to all the bumps, lumps and marks we care about. They are just happy to see you naked. I don’t think they even know what thigh gap is. So this “enhanced” version of you is just how they see you and how you should feel about yourself.
We women are often too hard on ourselves, dissecting every little flaw, but I say we should not aim for the photoshop skinny, we should just aim to be healthy.

So there! Let’s celebrate nakedness and bodies of all shapes, and the clone tool that deletes stress pimples. Because nobody wants to see those immortalized.