Holiday Boudoir Tips

For men:

  1. Purchase a gift certificate for a session here packages start at $300. 
  2. Get some stockings or a lingerie item and print the gift certificate.
  3. Do make sure you have a PG gift handy, like pijamas.
  4. Wait for the finished product and enjoy.

For women:

  1. Go for it! it’s a fun experience for you and your partner is going to love the pictures, it’s a win-win.
  2. Do a naughty and nice theme!

A nice teddy or just under the covers and a super naughty outfit from a stripper place like this:

sexy lingerie and clothes
He, he, bring out your inner stripper.

Hurry up with the booking, spots are limited during the Holidays and we need some time to edit and print books if necessary.

Last day to book with album DECEMBER 6, last day for a shoot with prints DECEMBER 21
My lab is offering a rush printing fee if interested in a book, we can still do one December 18 but it will cost extra.