Holiday boudoir roundup – posing samples

And motivation for the new year… no more cookies.  For those who didn’t get this for Christmas, you know Valentine’s is coming, right? Yeah I know, shameless, but I just say, any excuse for you to do it is a great excuse. 
Notice all the successful posing tips: 
Tuck in your finger in your underwear, tilt head to the side:

Squeeze boobs together, even while lying down. (do not worry, I won’t take pictures while you are arranging them 🙂

Squeeze while standing up

Pretend to take your underwear off, lift those hips!

Or just lie down and let me do all the work. And take your stuff off.

What to wear: Pearls, lingerie and pouty lips.

Or just jewelry! This picture will be on my fridge to help me not eat so much cheese.

And put it on and take it off. Busy hands are modeling hands.

 Thanks for the motivation ladies… will go and walk around sucking in my pouch now.