Holiday Boudoir Round up

Apparently there is such thing as too busy to blog! Other times it has been out of sheer lazyness or, lack of something snazzy to say but this month… holly busiest month ever batman! Between the holiday orders, shoots, and day job I need better time management. Or multiple assistants. And a cleaner.

It’s over thank goodness. Just to be ready to start again for Valentines! But before that I want to reflect on what happened this year.

  •  Nakedness has flourished. More brave women are joining the “hey! I got naked in front of the camera and it was awesome!” club, ha- not really I get a more : “it was not as scary as I thought” and my favourite: “thanks! it was fun!” It sure is. 
  • I have the worst memory. I am like Dori. I have bumped into former clients with no name recollection what so ever- but then an image pops in my head. My visual memory is not too shabby. I would go like “oh so yes now I remember you- with the school girl outfit” or “the awesome Manolo’s” or “yes! studded pasties!”. The sexiest shoes and the naughtiest outfits seem to stick from each shoot. Not to worry! I am always careful not to be loud. 
  • I really love what I do. I meet the most interesting women. I get to get a glimpse into their lives, their fears, their shyness, their vulnerability. But also the quirks, their sense of humour, their achievements. Oh the stories. If I could remember more details of the stories I would write books, but see previous point. Your secret is safe with me. I forget it. 
Special thanks to the fab Laura Furtado from Diva Girl Fitness and getting people comfortable with sexy. My minions Melissa, Amanda, Dana and Linda and their help in expanding our style with family shots at Moda Style Photography

And all the brave women who google boudoir photography toronto and choose me !
Feliz Año Nuevo!