Happy Friday

So this weekend I volunteer at Art on the Loft. Come check it out. I’m at artist’s assistant on Saturday and Sunday, not sure what that means or entails, but I will be around asking artist if they want naked pics to come to me, yeah a little self promotion there from my volunteering efforts.

And I was way lazy with my Halloween pics. Of course I dressed up- super 80’s. My problem was to convince Lindsey not to wear a dress I found at a garage sale. Really I did not know he had these tendencies. My second argument was that he had no shoes to go with the dress. So there. I still did his makeup to dress him up a little billy idol-esque and trust me, for him wearing all black is a costume, so I enjoyed that part. He complained 3 days later he still couldn’t take all the eyeliner off. He did get a “you look like patrick swayze”.

Notes for next year: practice dirty dancing.