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Guest Post: Tips for Choosing Lingerie That Flatters

Hi there! I have a guest post here from Heather McNiel. I figured since someone want to write here, I will let them! I have several posts cooking and not enough hours in the day. Enjoy!

I know (or at least hope) I’m not alone when I say that finding clothes that both fit right and flatter is a challenge sometimes. Pressures of American society to look a certain way aside, coming across a pair of jeans that fit my hips, legs, and tush (and make all that jazz look awesome at the same time) is hard. And when it comes to shopping for lingerie? Multiply the challenge by a hundred, because of the near-nakedness factor, of course.

I’ve always found that a second opinion comes in handy when shopping, but it’s not so easy to ask the woman in the fitting room next to yours at Victoria’s Secret what she thinks of the mesh teddy you’re trying on. But never fear. With these tips for choosing lingerie, you’ll be more than prepared to venture into that lace and satin jungle.

Know Your Size

Whether you’re getting ready for a boudoir photography session or just shopping for some new lingerie pieces, knowing your proper size is of utmost importance when it comes to undergarments. You’ll want to keep the girls supported and looking their perkiest, and getting professionally fitted for a bra is the way to do just that. Any lingerie store worth their salt (or in this case, underwire) will offer a free fitting and guide you to options that are perfect for your true size.

According to Fox News, as many as 80 to 85 percent of women are in the wrong bra for their body. Not only does an ill-fitting bra look bad (I’m looking at you, back bulge and cup gap), it can also have negative long-term effects on your breasts, back, and posture. Because underwire is the foundation of many pieces of lingerie—whether it’s in your everyday bra or a special occasion slip—make sure you start off right.

Flatter Your Shape

You may be a pear shape, or a little on the leaner side, hourglass, petite, muscular, plus-size—every figure is equally as sexy in the world of lingerie. To feel your most confident, focus on the parts of your body you want to show off and pick pieces that work for you rather than against. Love your small waist? Try a corset to make it look even tinier. Not crazy about your tummy? Opt for a babydoll chemise or slip that will draw attention to the neckline while camouflaging a fuller lower half.

Woman’s Day showcases a ton of flattering lingerie options for every body type and occasion, from essential pieces to racy numbers that will (hopefully!) never make it out of the bedroom. Just remember that no matter your shape or size, there are no set rules for what you should be wearing. Choose the pieces that make you feel good, sexy, comfortable, beautiful, and completely yourself.

Hit the Dressing Rooms

The only way to know if something is working for you is to try it on. Just like with dating, the first one isn’t guaranteed to be a keeper (but if so, you lucky girl, you!). So slip on as many options as you can manage when shopping. Though shampoo, purses, and late-night infomercial offerings are great to buy from the comfort of your very own home, lingerie is not. It’s important to brave the stores and bare it all if you want to find the most flattering pieces.

Maybe more important than how lingerie looks in the mirror is how it feels against your skin. Pay attention to the fabric of a piece—do you prefer the silky caress of satin or the light sensation of sheer chiffon grazing your skin? It’s tough feeling like the sex goddess you are when a scratchy sequined G-string is riding up your derriere or when you’re worried about how your tummy looks in that sheer nightie.

What’s important here is that you’re comfortable and confident, a notion that’s backed by Adam and Eve in their take on lingerie: “When you wrap your body in the finest lingerie, you may discover a whole new level of confidence and sexual inspiration!” To that end, don’t be afraid to dabble outside of your comfort zone when shopping for lingerie, because who knows what you may find yourself loving with an open mind.

Now that you’re armed and ready with these tips for choosing the perfect lingerie pieces, you can shop the racks with confidence knowing exactly which kind of sexy suits you.

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