Glamour Photography

Or Glamour Shots v2.0
So! I blab about my glamour shot days- I found some images. Keep in mind these are from 2002.

Which are not that horrible really. I love the lady on the left. I just loathe the backdrop we had. Poo brown and icky sea foam. And we had those dresses people could borrow and wear. As you can tell that dress was popular. The fun part about those shoots where that you came in, had your makeup and hair done, you then chose a couple of outfits ( the leather jacket and the boa where “hot”) and you had photos done and you chose your prints right then and there!

Anyway! So I am trying to bring Glamour photography back from those days in a cooler way.  Especially for those who balk at the idea of parading around in your underwear.

What I do want is for you to have a really nice portrait of yourself. It makes you feel good. It’s good for your self-esteem. A good photographer can capture a non dorky image like the one I did last November (me so fancy). And now a days you may need it for stuff like Facebook, LinkedIn or even your own website. Or even a “modelling” portfolio.

Sure you can ask a friend to do it for you but why not have someone worry about the photo, the makeup and the slight photoshopping.

Here is what you need to have a fun Glamour Portrait without the cheese.

What to wear:

Bring at least 3 outfits. One business formal, the suit jacket, pencil skirt or slacks. Another outfit that you would wear to a date like a flirty dress or a cool top with skinny jeans.  The third one could be what you normally wear. Are you a jean girl? wear those. Yoga pants? why not. Whatever defines what you do.

My place so far, till I open another one… come on visualization board…But we do have the advantage that the beaches is a hop away and if you are not shy we can go out there. Especially nice at sunset.

Since I book appointments on the weekends, you can go have your hair done on a Saturday and come on a Sunday :) Next day hair is great. And you know you need a trim. Or just go to one of those blow dry bars just before your appointment.

If you are coming here you do not have to worry about it lucky you. But I do have to say it’s a bit less than a boudoir or a pin up look.
I use a primer, a good foundation, complete with powder to set.
Lot’s of mascara, half of a fake eyelash, a little bit of liquid eyeliner and some shimmery shadow just for kicks.

When you cut the eyelashes in half they are way easier to put on, and the flare that they give is amazing. Look for a pair like the one above, that you can cut in half and it’s even on both sides. I got mine on eBay :)

And some blush and some gloss, voila! Ready for your closeup.
Here is me testing out the makeup and the natural light setting. My black wall and the lights make it look a bit like a brown background but no! I will never ever use something as gross as the glamour shot one.

and some samples of what I am talking about… yeah, bringing glamour photography back!

And lastly I created packages, depending on how many images you need, you can use the Headshot package, Glamour shot package or the Glamour shot diva.

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